Are your kiddos sad that the Awana program only runs during the school year? Well tell them to cheer up because this summer they can join us as we Travel Through the 23rd Psalm! Our summer children’s program is using the Kid’s Travel Guide to the 23rd Psalm to explore the graciousness and peace of the 23rd Psalm, which isn’t just for times of peace when life is good. Instead it reassures us of God’s protection and love during the difficult times.

Don’t worry if your child didn’t “board” at the beginning of the journey this summer. There is plenty of room for more “passengers” and the journey is presented in a way that allows children to jump in and pick up wherever the program is in the exploration.

The summer program is on Wednesdays from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. at Bay City Baptist Church in Green Bay.  We encourage your 3-year-old – 6th grade children to join the journey with us!

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