eight questions to ask a christian counselor

Counseling is an interactive process. It is established and maintained on the basis of trust.

Open and honest dialogue between a counselor and a counselee is the most important component of building trust. If you cannot establish this foundation early on, so that you are confident that the counselor will be wise, biblical, loving, and faithful in your interaction, you may need to look elsewhere.

If you find a wise counselor who uses God’s Word to help you grow in your Christian walk, then you, your marriage, your family, and your relationships will be blessed in ways you could never imagine.

The Bible reveals unbelievable and enlightening aspects of human conduct and motivation. AND it provides solutions to those conduct and motivation problems. It also provides wonderful comfort and understanding in times of difficulty.

Remember, your counselor will affect your life in deep ways, so you should ask your counselor these eight questions. Don’t be ashamed. Ask. Your future may depend on it.

QUESTION #1: How would you describe your approach to counseling? How do you understand people’s problems?

QUESTION #1: How do you help them grow and change through counseling? Please describe the process.

QUESTION #2: What books or other resources do you recommend on a regular basis? What books have most influenced your approach to counseling?

QUESTION #3: Are you a Christian? How does your faith affect your view and practice of counseling?

QUESTION #4: Do you bring Christian truth into your counseling practice? How? What role does Scripture play?

QUESTION #5: Do you pray with those you counsel?

QUESTION #6: Do you attend church? If so, where? How long have you been a member?

QUESTION #7: What is your educational and professional background? What role does it play?

QUESTION #8: Are you married? Do you have children? Have you ever been divorced? How does your marriage and family situation affect how you counsel people?

This page draws in part from CCEF’s David Powlison and Family Life of Little Rock, AR.


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